About US - ArikSoft

About US

Chinmoy Sarker
Co-Founder of ArikSoft

What we do 

ArikSoft is one of the largest ICT distribution companies supplying software, hardware, and networking goods all over Bangladesh. It is a professional and trustworthy platform where clients can purchase different hardware and software for their professional work at a reasonable price. We are a trusted vendor to deliver your chosen products and software to you with 100% satisfaction. 

Our top-notch after-sale supports will help you solve any problem you may face after purchasing any product or software. To take your computing and gaming experience to the next level, you should first think of us because we are dedicated and experienced in this field. 


Our Mission 

Our one and only mission are to stay beside you and to gain your trust. Being a trustworthy online computer-related hardware and Software Company; we want to ensure our customer satisfaction. We would like to build an ecosystem in Bangladesh that will support and mentor our valuable customers.  

Satisfying not only our valued customers and retailer in our country, but we also want to make sure that we are growing hand in hand with you. We also would like to expand our services throughout Bangladesh by providing reliable and consistent support for our invaluable customers and retailers.