Gigabyte Aorus M2 Gaming Mouse Warranty: 1 year

Gigabyte Aorus M2 Gaming Mouse

  • Light weight for professional gamer
  • Real 6200 DPI optical engine
  • 50-million-click Omron switch
  • RGB Fusion 2.0 – synchronize with other AORUS devices
  • Ambidextrous design developed for palm and claw grip
  • Two thumb buttons on both sides.
  • On-the-fly DPI adjustment

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Gigabyte Aorus M2 Gaming Mouse

Gigabyte Aorus M2 for gaming interoperability user-friendly Greatness & Magnificence Click-No, click sound single mode Maximum DPI: 6200, seven-buttons, lighting: Yes Acoustic Running length: 1.8m Dimensions (width x height x depth x thickness) plus 5% Non-glossy finish Features: Lightweight for professional gamer full 6200 dpi optical engine, 50-million switch The design concept is fully programmable and outboard. others Connectivity:

USB countsenses or detection system (Pixart 3327), Keep detail: 0-800, 0-1600, 0-3200, or 0-400/0-800/0-3, etc. Rate: 125/1000/Hz Non-standard Max Acceleration: 30 Max DPI Switch Speed: Yes Switch Life: 50 million times 1.8mm matte black cable, 117 x 63 inch dimension specialty software sync with other AORUS devices designsamples for palm and grip, ambidextrous user-adjustable up to 300dpi 2-sensor process M2- Theor Aorus Warranty: 1 year

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