Wireless Optical MM Combo Rapoo 8200P 5G wireless transmission

Wireless Optical MM Combo Rapoo 8200P

  • Model: Rapoo 8200P
  • Type: Wireless & Waterproof
  • Key Numbers:113 key
  • 1000 DPI High Precision Mice

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Wireless Optical MM Combo Rapoo 8200P

  • Rapoo 8200P Multimedia hotkeys give you quick access to functions like media player, homepage, volume adjustment and more
  • Reliable 5G wireless transmission results in less interference from other wireless, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices
  • Select low DPI for accuracy or high DPI for fast movement. You can instantly switch between 500 and 1000 DPI
  • Spill-resistant keyboard design, so you do not have to worry about the keyboard malfunctioning after accidental spills
  • With Rapoo’s latest energy-saving technology, you can use your keyboard for up to 24 months and the mouse for 12 months without power interruption
  • Reliable 5G Wireless Transmission Guarantees Least Interference With Other Devices.
  • Multimedia Hotkeys Give You Quick Access To Functions Like Media Player, Homepage, Volume Adjustment And More.
  • Spill-Resistant Sleek Keyboard Design Prevents From Any Accidental Spills. Accurate Scissor-Key Mechanical Structure Distributes Pressure On The Keys Evenly, Making Every Keystroke Natural, Smooth And Correct.
  • Nano Receiver Occupies Minimum Space, Saving More Precious Usb Ports. One-Step Plug-And-Play Setup.
  • Rapoo’S Latest Energy Saving Technology And Power Switch, Battery Lifes For Mouse And Keyboard Without Power Interruption For Up To 9 Months And 12 Months Respectively.
  • Complicated Operation Is Done By One Touch.
  • Rapoo Is Selling A 100% Genuine Products.
  • Buy Only “Rapoo” Brand Product With 100% Guaranted.For Keyboard, Mouse, Bluetooth, Power Bank,Speaker,Headphone & Camera.
Model Rapoo 8200P
Color White
Product Type Wireless & Waterproof
Keycaps 113 key
Resolution 1000 DPI High Precision Mice
Hotkeys Multimedia Hotkey
Connectivity Reliable 5G wireless transmission
Tracking Adjustable High-definition Tracking Engine
Splash Proof Yes
Battery 12 Months battery life
Warranty 2 Year
Product Line Keyboard


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