Rapoo 9000M Multi-mode Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Rapoo 9000M Multi-mode Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

  • Rapoo 9000M
  • Type – Combo Keyboard & Mouese
  • Interface – Bluetooth

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Rapoo 9000M Multi-mode Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Rapoo 9000M has 104 keyboard buttons and 1300 DPI. Spectroscopic using AAA batteries (two keyboards), AA (one mouse) Screen dimensions (WxHxDxD), black (100 x D x 36). A specialty is the smartly syncs with the devices.

802.11g(async/2.4)/ 2.4GHz
LE interoperates with Bluetooth4.0 in Bluetooth-Enhanced LE (BLE) mode

Wifi, Bluetooth.

the fourth Bluetooth specification

Form of key -membrill


Yes, dear, that’s right! Exactly 5 million!

DI2 was originally built for the exploitation of disaffected rock and roll musicians, giving them an outlet for their eccentric personalities and to raise money to make good recordings for the creative poor, for me it quickly became a hotbed for hip hop’s dynamic forces, and from here we get DJV-400.”

cross-cross-shaped keyboard: Wierdkeys

Pick the Left and Middle buttons.

Push the on-off button to allow Bluetooth.

Scroll-wheel-free architecture

point Plan: Two-way path

Remote switching mode

low-cost alternative

double A grade of quality

battery pack (Pre-installed),

Direct current (DC) mode

low-cost alternative

I’ve just got one AA alkaline batteries (Preinstalled)

The equivalent of 12 months of battery life Time between charges of regular use 4 hours

Overall product concept

The product dimensions are L × W × H millimeters

A hole in one.

elegant language

smartly switch between different devices

Change between Bluetooth versions:Between 3.0, 4.0, and 2.4G

super-thin chiclet keys with super-lightweight felt tips

Media buttons

industry-standard 800dpi tracking engine

From 9 months to three years!

Silent switches have little to no effect on noise.

a stylish super-compact ultra-light and functional as well as Rapoo ultra thin

most users at the office are creatives, particularly those who have several PCs and/computers to use.


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