Turnitin Instructor Account Plagiarism Checker for 12 Month

Turnitin Instructor Account Plagiarism Checker for 12 Month

  • Turnitin instructor account
  • It is a personal account using your email
  • Worldwide access 12 Months

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Turnitin Instructor Account Plagiarism Checker for 12 Month

For academics,Turnitin instructor account is a popular plagiarism checker.

  • There are no limits on the number of words. Capable of providing an infinite expression attribute for the duration the customer has bought.
  • The used configuration is ‘no archive configuration.’ Your text, attachment, or file will not be stored in the Turnitin database to ensure your privacy is not infringed.

If payment is received, your existing active customer mail will promptly create a new Turnitin instructor account. It is a private account and not a sharing tradition. You can change the passwords or charging information at any time.

How to Search Turnitin’s Plagiarism?

In investigating plagiarism, Turnitin Plagiarism Checker is a global leader. This video shows you how to assess the plagiarism of your thesis or research papers. Follow the Step by Step procedure to ensure that no issues are detected.

Signing in is the first stage.

Stage 2: Student Home Page

Stage 3: The Assignment’s Inbox

Submit a Document in Phase 4

a. After entering a title for your article and choosing a format, click Upload to upload your document from your computer or other sources.

b. A paper or PDF file

c. Check the submitted document.

Phase 5: The application confirmation

Phase 6: To display your Originality Report, click the Originality Report icon to the right of your task. Click the open arrow button below the Similarity button if you want to open this post.

For registration, please provide

First name:
Sure Name:
Address by Email:

It will deliver to your email within 1-24 hours! If you have not received the Turnitin instructor account login details 24 hours, please contact us ASAP.


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