Upgrade Your Dropbox Up to 16GB । Lifetime

Upgrade Your Dropbox Up to 16GB । Lifetime

  • Dropbox
  • Up to 16GB
  • Lifetime
  • Onetime Payment

৳ 1,500.00 ৳ 2,750.00


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Upgrade Your Dropbox Up to 16GB । Lifetime

Ability to access files anywhere: Upgrade Your Dropbox Up to 16GB. Dropbox’s Basic subscription users have quick access to their files across many devices. The use of computers, tablets, and phones is all free.
Consider attempting to access Windows, Mac, or the Web. You must set up Dropbox’s desktop application. Your account will show up when you do this, and the folder will be available.
To view whatever you have stored in your Dropbox folder on the Internet, you must sign in at dropbox.com. Installation of the software is not necessary. Download the Dropbox mobile app for iOS or Android to access your files on the go. More than 175 file formats are available for previewing from anywhere.

Sharing and collaborating on files:

You may safely transmit bigger files to anybody you need to with the help of Dropbox. In addition to exchanging huge files, you can work together on shared files. Create a shared file or folder to send someone a big file. The file transmission finishes by pasting the link into an email, text message, or chat. Additionally, Dropbox allows you to send files directly from the app. The receiver can view and download the file even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.
Sending large files is safe because they will be protected so you can be at ease. A shared link can be password-protected, and you can specify when it should expire. You must invite users to a shared folder that contains the files if you want them to have access to shared files for editing. Whether you are exchanging files with a single person or an entire team, Dropbox excels at providing seamless collaboration.
Backup files: Dropbox offers the following features to keep all of your private data safe and secure:
File recovery: You can recover any file that has been deleted over the last 30 days, regardless of whether you remove it from your Dropbox account.
File Sync: You can upload photographs and videos from your phone, SD card, or camera to Dropbox using the Dropbox desktop and mobile apps. You can back up anything by placing it in your computer’s Dropbox folder.
Version history: A file can roll back to any version first saved to Dropbox for 30 days.

Get your referral link:

Upgrade Your Dropbox Up to 16GB. You must provide us with your referral link to upgrade your current account.
It will take 5 – 12 days to upgrade. We’ll process it gradually to manage the risk and preserve your earned space. You can continue to use your account generally at this period. Your referral link is processed when you see the message “Item has been sent.”
You can acquire up to 16GB more storage through referrals. If you’ve already recommended a few pals, my service will use up all your excess storage space to a maximum of 16GB. It says “Increase to 18GB” rather than “Increase 18GB.”

Where can I find my referral link?

  • Step 1: Get your unique referral link by logging into your Dropbox at dropbox.com/referrals.
  • Step 2: Click “Copy Link” at the bottom of the page, then paste the URL into an eBay message or checkout (for example, “https://db.tt/xxxxxxx”).
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What is the price of a Dropbox 16GB । Lifetime in Bangladesh?
Ans: The latest price of Dropbox 16GB । Lifetime in Bangladesh is ৳ 1,500. You can buy Dropbox 16GB । Lifetime at the best price from our website.
4. How long I receive it?
Ans: It will deliver to your email within 5-12 days! If you have not received the account login details in 5-12 days, contact us ASAP.
6. Do I only need to pay one time?
Ans: Yes. Only a one-time payment for the lifetime.

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